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Textsheet Alternatives: Top 10 Similar Sites to Consider in 2020

Textsheet is the most famous educational site that has made study-time much more effective by reading the best solutions to school and college projects, assignments, and homework.

Textsheet is a good platform that contains solutions to every issue of students inattentive of their standard, school, subjects, and college.

But Textsheet is no longer able and students miss it truly as it became a study companion of a lot of.

Get to know the complete story of the Textsheet and the best alternatives to Textsheet.

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Why Was the Textsheet Take Down?

Sadly, Texsheet is no longer accessible

Want to know about what happened to the Textsheet? Here is the story.

The text sheet was taken down after the copyright case was filed by Chegg against the brand. This happened after the Textsheet used a copy of the answer from the Chegg site and given it to students for free.

But, Textsheet was discontinued after the copyright issue claim under the act DMCA copyright violation.

Sites Like Textsheet or Textsheet Alternatives:

Here are below we are providing a complete list of sites like Textsheet, to create the life of students easier.


Conclusion on the Alternatives to Textsheet:

We have given the reason and information behind the ban of Textsheet and the best able choose as text sheet alternatives. If you are a student finding the best Textsheet alternatives, these sites can be a very suitable Textsheet replacement.

If you need an expert’s help or easy guidance related to your homework, assignment, or projects. So, you should visit their website This site was very helpful to you.

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