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Facebook Touch for Windows?


There's no shadow of an uncertainty that windows were created for convenience. The web store has different applications for you to download. In any case, you wouldn't find an authority Facebook application in the web store. Facebook is yet to launch its unique application on the web-store. Despite the fact that no authority applications are added to the web store there are some third-party Facebook applications that are accessible in the web store. Facebook touch as its name says is a touch-optimized Modern UI application that works with touch motions. It gives practically all the Facebook features.

To download the touch Facebook application in windows, open the store from the start button. Look for the application in the search box and press enter. You will find the application in the list of items. Click on the application and install it. Sign in with your email and password and appreciate browsing with Facebook Touch. If your Facebook account is locked, visit for effective blogs that give instant solutions.


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