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Facebook Touch for Windows?

Every new Facebook user when hearing about Facebook Touch, the first question that comes to their mind is What is Facebook Touch? Let us see what it is.

Facebook in the year 2009 reported that some users who were using touch screen devices were facing problems in using standard Facebook on their devices. Due to this Facebook came with a new and advanced version of itself specifically for touch screen devices by the name Facebook Touch. The main changes that we saw in both the versions were that in Facebook Touch, high-quality graphics and the interface were used which was faster and smoother than the standard one. For all the other things such as to recover the disabled Facebook account, or changing any other settings, you can use any one of both. Facebook touch is available as a web version as well as an app of Facebook Touch for Windows and Android is also available. However, when only the touchscreen devices came into trend, Facebook merged both the interfaces into one and Touch Facebook become dormant. But it is still available to use at and for its app, you have to use third-party sources. A detailed procedure of how to download this app on your android device along with other details such as how to log in to Facebook touch and many more is available anytime to read at

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