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How Can We Use a Facebook Touch Login?

The Facebook touch login feature is similar to the login feature of FB.

You have to type your details like as username or password and violate; you will type the world of Facebook touch.

You should also sign up into Facebook Touch by just inputting your information like name, age, email address, and birthday and get signup quickly in this spot.

You can efficiently use the Facebook touch login feature, but here is the catch, logging in to Facebook touch is quite straightforward, but logging out is quite expensive and irritating.

The logout on the Facebook touch gets hidden in its menu at the bottom of the screen. This feature is quite irritating as users waste time looking at the logout icon.

This feature can also get considered a marketing technique as Facebook does not wish its users to log out of their version.

They wish some users to use this version of Facebook more and more often. Ture to the fact, most users do not log out of Facebook touch due to this feature.

But also, some people have stopped using Facebook Touch because of this feature. There are always two ways to a coin, right.

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What is Facebook Touch?

Those who are users of Facebook since the decade 2000 must know that the interface of Facebook at that time was completely different from as we see it today. Touch screen devices were just in the infant stage and those who were having touch devices were compelled to use the old interface of Facebook which was basically designed for keypad phones' small screens with very low picture density. Then in 2009, Facebook came with a new, advanced, and more sophisticated version of Facebook by the name of Facebook Touch. The graphic designs of it were of higher quality with better performance even with slow internet and fewer data and storage usage. Facebook is accessed at whereas for Facebook touch you need to go to However, the app version of Facebook Touch was also made available but with time when the number of touch screen devices was sufficiently high, Facebook merged both the platforms into one and Facebook Touch became inactive. But it is active even now as a web version and its app is available at any third-party app store.


For further details about Facebook such as Facebook login touch or how to recover the disabled Facebook account, you can anytime read at Guidebrain.


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How to Login to Netflix?



Netflix is an OTT giant and needs no one’s introduction as it is watched around the globe to watch their favourite shows and web series. The interface of Netflix is very easy and login to your account is a thing of a few steps. This is how you can proceed.

Firstly, go to and click on the sign-in option to open the Sign-in page. Now enter your “Email Address” or “Mobile Number” in the first box and “Password” in the second box to complete your login. Now, click on the “Sign In” option to go to access your Netflix account. In case you are using an app, it opens the Sign-in page directly. Enter your Netflix credentials and click on the “Sign in” button.

Alternatively, you can go for your Facebook account to log in to Netflix. To do that, click on the “Login with your Facebook account” option and enter your Facebook credentials and click “Login”. After that allow your Facebook account to share your profile details with Netflix and if they match with your Netflix account, Bingo! You are all set to use your Netflix account. For more information about Netflix and its features, you can read it anytime at Guidebrain.


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What does the Lock Mean on Snapchat?

There are two different situations on Snapchat which define “Lock” differently, let us discuss both. 


The first meaning of the Lock on Snapchat is the traditional lock that restricts you to use your Snapchat account; it may or may not show Snapchat not Loading. In this case, you can not post any snaps as well as can not see the snaps of your friends. This means that your Snapchat account is temporarily locked and you have to go to to unlock it. This is a complete process where you have to login in with your Snapchat credentials and write about the situation to the “Customer Support Team” of Snapchat who after verification unlocks your account.

The other meaning of “Lock” on Snapchat is related to “Locked Stories” which indicates that this particular story is private and can be seen by a few persons. If you are permitted by the owner of Snap, you can see it otherwise it is locked for you.

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How to Sign up for a Free Account at FABGuys?


FABGuys is an online adult dating website developed especially for Gay Men, along with this Transgender and homosexual men are also eligible to register on this site. This website has more than 20 thousand consistent users, especially in Europe and America. FABGuys is completely free to use as well as register. If you are looking forward to joining FABGuys then you can follow this article to understand the procedure in detail. 

Sign up at FabGuys:

FabGuys is very easy to register on but if you are facing a problem regarding signing up then follow the given steps:

STEP 1: First of all, go to and click on the Login/Sign-up option present at the top right corner.

STEP 2: A registration form will open, enter your basic details such as your name, age, gender, contact details, and sexual orientation. After that click on the Next button to go to the next step.

STEP 3: Provide the city and country of your residence where you are looking for a partner and again click on the Next button.

STEP 4: Provide the sexual orientation of the person whom you want to be your partner and then click on the “Create my account” option to final submission of the form.

This procedure of sign-up for a free account at FABGuys will help you join the website and find your partner. For more details regarding FabGuys, you may refer to 

How to Login AT& Yahoo Email?

American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) along with Yahoo were into a merger to provide users a better experience of email services till 2017, later on, they were unmerged which created chaos among users. They were having a lot of problems logging in with their account and if you had faced such problems then here is the solution that how you can log in to your AT&T Yahoo email.

First of all, go to which is the official homepage of AT&T or you may go to which is a combined platform for login Yahoo Email and AT&T email service. This opens a sign-in page where you have to enter your email ID and password, after that click on the login page to access your email account. For further assistance regarding AT&T Yahoo email services, you may go to where it is given in a very detailed manner.

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How to install Facebook Touch?


Facebook Touch is a way to access your Facebook account with better quality, faster speed, and lesser memory on your touchscreen devices. It is available on the web browser at where you can log in with your credentials and enjoys your account as well if you want to download and install Facebook touch on your device you may do it as given below.

First of all, check if your device is allowed to install third-party apps from unknown sources as Facebook Touch is not available on stores to download, then go to your browser and look for the Facebook Touch app and download it to your device, click on the file you just downloaded and follow the instructions to install it successfully to your device. For further assistance like FB account disabled solved issues, you may go to

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Facebook Touch for Windows?


There's no shadow of an uncertainty that windows were created for convenience. The web store has different applications for you to download. In any case, you wouldn't find an authority Facebook application in the web store. Facebook is yet to launch its unique application on the web-store. Despite the fact that no authority applications are added to the web store there are some third-party Facebook applications that are accessible in the web store. Facebook touch as its name says is a touch-optimized Modern UI application that works with touch motions. It gives practically all the Facebook features.

To download the touch Facebook application in windows, open the store from the start button. Look for the application in the search box and press enter. You will find the application in the list of items. Click on the application and install it. Sign in with your email and password and appreciate browsing with Facebook Touch. If your Facebook account is locked, visit for effective blogs that give instant solutions.


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How to Install Facebook Touch?



Before installing Facebook Touch to your Windows system, you must have a Windows 8 or above operating system on a touch screen device and an internet connection to connect to Facebook. Now to download Facebook Touch to your device, follow the given steps:

  • STEP 1: Tap on the Start button present in the bottom left corner of your PC.
  • STEP 2: Now either open your web browser from the Start menu or you can directly use the search engine of windows to search Touch Messenger on Facebook.
  • STEP 3: Click on the Touch Messenger from Facebook's website and download it to your PC.
  • STEP 4: After downloading, tap the setup.exe option to install the Facebook Touch messenger to your PC.
  • STEP 5: Complete your sign-up process or sign-in process if you already have a Facebook account.

Enjoy all the new features of Facebook Touch on your PC.


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How to Unlock a Compromised Account Locked by Snapchat?


In that case, your Snapchat account was locked for suspecting that your account security, may have been compromised then, you can instantly, visit Snapchat’s customer support team by this link

On visiting there, you can pick or choose the ‘I think my account was compromised’ button into the “What can we help you with?” filed.

Then, you do so, Snapchat will give you to contact support by entering out the fields that appear on the screen with the attempting details:

  1. Username
  2. Email
  3. Phone number, and
  4. What details should we know? [In this guide you can provide as much information of your situation as possible, for instance, you can share why you think your account may be hacked and more others.]
  5. After you complete the form, you pick or choose the ‘Send’ option

Now, wait to hopefully receive positive results from Snapchat support related to getting your account unlocked and providing access to the same.

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