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What is Facebook Touch?

Those who are users of Facebook since the decade 2000 must know that the interface of Facebook at that time was completely different from as we see it today. Touch screen devices were just in the infant stage and those who were having touch devices were compelled to use the old interface of Facebook which was basically designed for keypad phones' small screens with very low picture density. Then in 2009, Facebook came with a new, advanced, and more sophisticated version of Facebook by the name of Facebook Touch. The graphic designs of it were of higher quality with better performance even with slow internet and fewer data and storage usage. Facebook is accessed at whereas for Facebook touch you need to go to However, the app version of Facebook Touch was also made available but with time when the number of touch screen devices was sufficiently high, Facebook merged both the platforms into one and Facebook Touch became inactive. But it is active even now as a web version and its app is available at any third-party app store.


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