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What does the Lock Mean on Snapchat?

There are two different situations on Snapchat which define “Lock” differently, let us discuss both. 


The first meaning of the Lock on Snapchat is the traditional lock that restricts you to use your Snapchat account; it may or may not show Snapchat not Loading. In this case, you can not post any snaps as well as can not see the snaps of your friends. This means that your Snapchat account is temporarily locked and you have to go to to unlock it. This is a complete process where you have to login in with your Snapchat credentials and write about the situation to the “Customer Support Team” of Snapchat who after verification unlocks your account.

The other meaning of “Lock” on Snapchat is related to “Locked Stories” which indicates that this particular story is private and can be seen by a few persons. If you are permitted by the owner of Snap, you can see it otherwise it is locked for you.

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