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How to Unlock a Compromised Account Locked by Snapchat?


In that case, your Snapchat account was locked for suspecting that your account security, may have been compromised then, you can instantly, visit Snapchat’s customer support team by this link

On visiting there, you can pick or choose the ‘I think my account was compromised’ button into the “What can we help you with?” filed.

Then, you do so, Snapchat will give you to contact support by entering out the fields that appear on the screen with the attempting details:

  1. Username
  2. Email
  3. Phone number, and
  4. What details should we know? [In this guide you can provide as much information of your situation as possible, for instance, you can share why you think your account may be hacked and more others.]
  5. After you complete the form, you pick or choose the ‘Send’ option

Now, wait to hopefully receive positive results from Snapchat support related to getting your account unlocked and providing access to the same.

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